Jerry Wendell Courtney, beloved husband, father and grandfather was taken to heaven August 21, 2020. He would have been 82 October 20, 2020. He overcame COVID-19 through the great and mighty strength he had and much prayer, but was left with complications that ultimately caused aspiration. He never gave up.


Having been a professional boxer before his administrative career, he knew how to suppress pain.  He was a champion in all he did and fought to the end in the same way he lived his life. He was always strong inside and out, a kind, loving gentleman, always making others happy with his great love for all people, his brilliant intellect, bright personality and great sense of humor. He never complained and was always strong and shining with love and a positive attitude. He was a king-giving, supportive, powerful and beautiful inside and out. He possessed the rare combination of wisdom and love, strength and gentleness.


He was a fighter and one who fought for good. He faithfully served the homeless with his daughter, Cascille, and grandson, Josiah, at the church Cascille planted and pastored where he was a member with his beloved wife, Linda Gail Cole Courtney. He had a true servant’s heart.

He was born leader and retired Senior Section Supervisor at ExxonMobil Chemical Plastics where he mentored many there and throughout his entire life. He had two children when young, Bill Courtney and Erin Hall. Then, when he was just 26 years old, he was blessed to meet and marry his soulmate and love of his life, the beautiful, intelligent, gifted and loving Linda Gail Cole Courtney. They were equal in strength and noble stature. This divine union lasted 50 years, until the Lord took her home. They gave birth to Cascille Dee Courtney and Jeri Nathali Courtney. Jerry lovingly adopted Linda’s daughter, Patricia Lynn. Linda and Jerry had one adored grandson together, Josiah Nathaniel Jerry, son of Cascille Dee. Cascille and Josiah were honored to be chosen by Jerry as his primary caregivers which they did with all of the love in their hearts for him which is immeasurable. Josiah adored his grandfather and was mentored by him.  Linda and Jerry are now together eternally in paradise.

He is also joined by his parents, James Willie and Clara Dee and Linda’s parents Nathaniel and Cascille Cole who were beloved and like parents to Jerry.

He leaves his children, his only beloved grandchild with Linda, Josiah Nathaniel Jerry, and 10 other grandchildren including Patricia’s children Kristen, Kayla and Denny and many great grandchildren. Until we meet him again, we can only hope to have a fraction of the faith, strength and fortitude he had as he faithfully loved God and others to his very last breath.
He is hearing now from the father, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
We have all he selflessly imparted to us to help us complete this journey victoriously as he did. He will forever be in our hearts and spirits until he meets us when we go home…

Thank you, Jesus, for your gift of eternal life in heaven. We will see you there, Daddy.
We love you, Daddy….always and forever and ever and ever.

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