In the window below, is an electronic catalog from one of our suppliers, Crescent Memorial. They provide a wide range of urns and memorial keepsakes. If you would like to place an order, please call one of our offices or submit your request via the email option on the contact us page.

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The state of Louisiana does not require the use of a burial container for ground burials. However, most cemeteries do require the use of an outer burial container for the purpose of the longevity, upkeep of the grave, and support for the extreme weight of the soil.

Most outer burial containers selected are vaults: these are protective types of containers that do not allow outside elements to disturb the remains. Other types of outer burial containers include grave boxes or liners that meet the requirement of the cemetery. In some parishes, vaults are no longer allowed to be placed above the ground.

The vaults we provide are manufactured in the United States and are available in a range of materials. We do accept products not purchased from Church Funeral Services.

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