Marjorie Kathryn Killen Backstedt, 96 went home to God January 27, 2023.  The Daughter of William E. Killen & Minnie (Harrison) Killen of Birmingham, England & Liverpool, England respectfully.  Marjorie K. Backstedt was born in Liverpool, England Jul 12, 1926.  The Liverpool Lioness made her home and raised her family in Jefferson Parish, LA for the last 69 years.  Met David W. Backstedt 2nd (US Merchant Marine WWII & US Army Korean Conflict) at Locarno Ballroom dance studio in Liverpool, fell in love & married on March 6, 1954 and made their home in LA.  Her loving husband went home to God on February 20, 2015; both from the Greatest Generation.  Survived by her loving children David (Barbara, Carol with God 2017) W. Backstedt 3rd, John (Sherri) W. Backstedt, Christine (Donald Ray with God 2022) M. Dupont, 13 Grandchildren & 26 Great Grandchildren. She will always be remembered fondly as our loving mother & guardian.  We wanted for nothing due to her unconditional love & sacrifice for us.  Mom made our modest house a home in a loving environment and our lives rich in life with what money cannot buy.  Mom was a good cook and I always looked forward to coming home smelling the wonderful aroma and participating in enjoying whatever was on the menu that evening.  The house was always clean, fun and cozy to live in.  We always had clean clothes to wear.  Mom’s life lessons were to always do our best, do not follow the crowd but do what is right no matter the peer pressure.  Be a good sport, win or lose.  Do not be a bully but always be ready to stand up & defend yourself if required.  Be able to laugh at yourself, go to church on Sunday’s.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Do not accept things from strangers, be truthful and take responsibility for your actions.  Mom was strict with her rules and enforced them, but fun to be around. Later in life I found those rules helped me in my everyday life in all situations.  Always a lady and faithful wife to her husband over 60 years.  Always ready to endure more responsibility to boost her children to a better life.  Always believing in us and giving us hope to be the best we could.  The Good Book sums all these acts into one four-letter word called Love.  She taught us in her actions and example how to be good citizens and demonstrated how to love family in this imperfect world we live in.  Even though she is now with God & our Dad in Heaven and not part of this world, our wonderful parents both found a way to hug all of their children one last time on this earth.   We were so blessed to have them both as our parents.  What a wonderful, extraordinary example they both left us to try and follow and pass on to our children. She was under the care of hospice: “Concerned Care Home Health Agency” at her son-in-law & daughter’s home and will be cremated by Churches Funeral Services & Crematory in Louisiana.  A memorial service will be planned to accommodate family members out of state.


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