Dana Elizabeth Guedry “Hurd”  A resident of Gonzales La. She passed away at her home on May 31, 2021. She was 58 years old. She was a kind, loving caring and a mother figure to most. She had a wonderful personality. Very outspoken and outgoing person. That was loved by many. She befriended anyone she met. She was preceded by death by her husband Jackie Emmons, Father Joseph Guedry, and Step Mother Charleen Guedry, and sister Jan Webre. She was survived by her daughter Jacquelyn Emmons. Grandchildren Jax Kyzar and Jaelynne Emmons. Mother J’Nette Guedry. Sister Greer Gautreau. Brothers  Lee, Mike, Lance, Charles, and Brandon Guedry.  Nieces Brook and Stevie. Nephew Jake, Lemak, Rome, Yomato and Takeru. Great Nephew Tristan and Lenox Closest friends Geraldine, Primo, Aaron, Dj, Kelly, Tia and Trina.

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