On the glorious morning of May 24, the sun rose with a new angel looking down on us. An inspiration and mentor to so many people, the rock and foundation of our family, and the most beautiful soul ever placed on this Earth went to receive her final resting place cuddled in the arms of Jesus.

Tiffany Wheat Dyason was special to so many people.  Despite a long battle with a life threatening disease, she managed to inspire, reassure, love, heal, coach, and shine for all of those she met.  Her tenacity and strong will shined as a bright ray of sunlight on those she worked alongside.  Tiff’s love and compassion was bestowed on her family and friends.  Challenge and adversity were taken in stride.  Her will to live a loving and fulfilled life never waned.

Tiffany was a graduate of Parkview Baptist School and Louisiana State University, as well as co-founder of Jump N Jive and an entrepreneurial business leader in Ascension Parish. She had a passion for travel and adventure.  Whether it was enjoying the mountains, skiing, and national parks of Utah, drinking a glass of wine overlooking Lake Como, witnessing her beloved LSU Tigers win the 2019 football national championship, or walking her favorite stretch of sand beach in Destin, Cape Town, or Grand Isle, she wasn’t going to let any hurdle stop her from living the life she was meant to live.

She personally prayed with and was blessed by the Pope, swam with Great White sharks, hiked 6 miles above 11,000ft in the Tetons, learned how to snowboard, and started the family property rental and flip house business all while in treatment for her disease.  Incredible feats by an incredible soul!!! 

Tiffany is survived on this Earth by her husband of 27 years David Dyason, two beautiful children Evans Elizabeth and Grey Savoie, and her two loving pups Rouxger Zu and Remi Bean.  She is also survived by her mother, Joann Wheat-Hingle and her husband Chet Hingle, as well as mother in law, Lynda Burnett.  In addition, she is survived by oldest sibling Dereck Wheat, his wife Mona Wheat, their children Ashlyn Nicole, Austin Edward, and Addison Jo, and her younger sister Misty Wheat Whipple and her children Parke Houston (Godchild) and Parrish Elise.  She also cherished two additional Godchildren, Danielle Dyason Norris, Neal Dyason Labarbera, and the other members of her Dyason, Wheat, and Savoie families.

A celebration of her beautiful life will take place on Saturday June 5th at New Song Community Church, 18465 Old Perkins Road with gathering at 10:30AM, services at 11, and food, drink and social time to follow.   Dress will be comfortable business casual, just as Tiff would have wanted.

Please donate to the leading research organization for this aggressive type of disease in the name of Tiffany Wheat Dyason.  She was a huge supporter and would greatly appreciate your efforts in helping them find the cure:

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

–       navigate to this website: tnbcfoundation.org

–       select the Donate button in the upper right corner

–       tick the Tribute Gift box and select In Memory Of from the pull down menu

–       enter Tiffany Wheat Dyason in the full name box

–       tick the Please Notify.. box

–       enter David Dyason, 10240 Ginger Place Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Following this process will ensure that all of your funds are allocated to research in her name.


“We love you Dear/Momma/Tiffy”, her response, “I love you more!!!”


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