Charles Wayne Duke was born 8/31/1950 in Houston, Texas and lived most of his life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His military service in the United States Marine Corps showed his strength, values, and dedication to our Country.  His ashes will travel to Louisiana National Cemetery where he will receive Honors. Charles Wayne Duke’s greatest accomplishment was his son and daughter and his love for his family.  He treasured spending time with his family and his friends.  His motivation in life reflected in all of his life journeys.  Charles Wayne Duke, a loving, thoughtful, kindhearted soul, fun and funny, loved to eat seafood, loved to dance, an expert high kicker with his cowboy boots.  Always lived his life by the rules of kind words, a comforting shoulder, and a heart filled with love.  May his sole in heaven be joyful and embrace his life spent on earth.  May God grant him peace through all eternity. Survived by his Son, John Wayne Edwards; Daughter, Sonya Langlois; Brother, Sam Duke; Sister, Deb Morehead; and Nephews, Trey Duke and Josh Duke. Celebration of Life will be Saturday, May 15th 11 am to 3 pm at Parker Park 5730 Commerce Street in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Colon Cancer Foundation or the COPD Organization of Louisiana.

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