John Kevin Key

July 13, 1958 – August 7, 2020

John was such a great and caring person. He took care of our Mother. Now God is caring for him. I really miss you my brother.

Love, Joseph.

John you were a person that would help anybody. That’s how we were brought up. But now you are in heaven at peace! John, I miss you, I will always love you! Big brother, you will always have a place in my heart.

Love, David.

Uncle John was a good uncle all the years as I was growing up. We had lots of fun! I miss you Uncle J.

Always love, David Jr.

John was an ideal big brother. I will miss his witty sense of humor and wise advice.

Love you brother, Ronald.

John, was my BIG BROTHER who taught me many SURVIVOR skills.  He was truly an ALLSTAR that faced life’s challenges/JEOPARDY like a SUPERSTAR. No one could accuse him of being the WEAKEST LINK  and regardless of any FAMILY FEUD, I’m thankful that when it got down to THE WIRE, John decided to hit THE JACKPOT, accepted God’s ultimate commission to LAW & ORDER  and is NOW seated in the MASTERS’  GAME OF THRONES.   AMEN!!!

Love, Your Sister Sha’

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