Today, July 12th 2020, would have been his 19th birthday, but on July 4th someone took his life with bullet to the head with an AR-15.  Our sweet, sweet Thomas has left behind a weeping world. As we all reflect upon our precious memories, there is a flood of gratitude for how much you made us love and a grief for all that we have lost. Thomas was the coolest kid on the planet! Anyone that ever knew him has felt that enormous smile and strong hug that could chase away the darkest day. This kid would light up the world as he strolled through it! He was truly unforgettable all the way from his stunning angelic blue eyes and firey red hair to the core of his beautiful shining heart. He had this infectious way of making everyone so giddy with his big silly laugh that would turn his cheeks bright pink. While laughter was never in short supply, Thomas was also an insightful listener and thought-provoking teacher. It was fun to talk to Thomas about anything because he had such a generous understanding and wide-open perspective. Being so fearlessly and triumphantly different, Thomas had a way of being everyone’s favorite person. Be it son, grandson, nephew, cousin, brother or friend, Thomas was the sweetest gift. Thomas was growing into a man that was doing his best to stomp out all negativity that pained him and pave a path of positivity for himself to ease down with a carefree stride and smile open wide. Creative, open, intelligent, harmonious, and unique, Thomas wanted to live free. Free from all earthly grief you may be, but the void of you cuts like a jagged knife, so deep. It hurts to know how much we will all miss watching you remind us of your father while you play guitar in a purple suit, make up funny songs or dance like a goober in the sun. All the way from the rap battles to the dreams of how you wanted your world to be, it’s rare to find a gem loved so completely. The powerful presence you had here with us will echo throughout our minds and hearts for as we miss you every day. Wishing to see you again, we are all struggling to find acceptance within. We will hold onto every piece of memory with all of our might, because life without you in it is just not right. He is survived by his mother, Rachel Rushing & stepfather, Steven Banes; brothers, Carlos and Luther Hendrickson; sister, Samantha Banes; grandparents, Bernadine and Joel Davis, and Robin R Efferson and Tim Romano; great grandmother, Belle Romano; great grandfather, Sam C Rushing Jr.; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. He is preceded in death by his father, Daniel K. Edelen; paternal great grandparents Leslie and “NaNa” Elizabeth Edelen; grandmaw, Doris Newton; maternal great grandmother, Faye Hunt Rushing. Memorial donations can be made through campaign “In loving memory of Thomas Edelen”  Due to Covid restrictions memorial services will be announced in the future. Arrangements with Church Funeral Services, Baton Rouge

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