82 years on this earth is an accomplishment in itself. Actually living that life, especially on your own terms, is simply amazing. Surviving the West Virginia coal mines, 42 jumps with the 82nd Airborn and the like, the man was fearless. For his 79th birthday he got the opportunity to skydive and experience freefall for the first time with one of his sons and a very close family friend. He didn’t care that with the condition of his back he might land wrong and be paralyzed. This is just an example of how he approached life as a whole, head on. He was a hero and an outlaw, he was both mean and kind. He was a steadfast friend and a dangerous enemy. Sometimes all of these in one day to the same person. He wasn’t perfect, didn’t claim to be or want to be. He was who he was. Husband, father, brother, son. He was pretty much everything you could love or hate. There are so many stories that could be told. If we wrote them all down as his memoirs most people would think it was a work fiction, but they are all true. He was one of kind. He will be sorely missed. See you on the other side.

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