Facebook Memorial Account

What you will need:

1) Your email address
2) The full name and date of birth of the deceased
3) the email address the deceased used when they set up the account.
You should be able to find this by viewing his/her facebook profile page
(if you can’t, you can ask a friend to log in and look to see if the email
address is visible to his facebook friends.)
4) To help them make sure they have the right person, you can provide
the name of any facebook networks the person belonged to like their high
school reunion page, fan pages of favorite artists, etc.
5) The web address of profile. If you don’t know, simply type the person’s
name along with the word ‘facebook’ into google and you should get their
page as a search result. Right click on it and choose ‘copy link’ or ‘copy
target’ to get the URL and paste it into the form. It should look something
like: “facebook.com/name” or “facebook.com/people/theirname/12345678”
(this is their name followed by an account number)
6) You will also need proof of death. the easiest thing would be link to the
obituary in your local paper.

Once you have this information, go to:
and fill out the form you find there.


1) Once you request the deactivation, be sure not to log into the account
or do anything with it for at least 2 weeks – even if you find the password.
Any activity on the account using the account holder’s login could nullify
the request.

2) Deactivate the email account that was used to set up the account.
In theory, Facebook requires you to have an active email account in
order to have a facebook account, so if the email account is turned off,
and their future email to you bounces, they should also in that case
deactivate the account.

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